Friday, February 5, 2010

Amy Parker - Design Team Member

I am 26 years old. I am married to my husband Jed, and a SAHM to our almost three year old daughter Creedence, and we just found out recently we are expecting baby number two! We live on the Central Coast of California in the Monterey Peninsula, where is it almost always 60 degrees outside. We have two cats-brother and sister-who's names are Marley and Shiloh.

I do most of my crafting at night when Jed and the Munch are asleep, but as of recent my bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier! I am an avid Chai Tea drinker, make my own at home. And I am probably the worst housewife in the world as I hate cleaning house! :P But at the same time I can't stand someone else doing it for me. LOL! Been working real hard lately to change my habits and giveaway a bunch of our stuff so that things are easier to do around here. I am a collector at heart so going through things can get a little crazy, as not much will make it into the giveaway pile! But that is why I have Jed, he keeps me in check. :D

I got into scrapbooking when my daughter was a couple months old, but I mostly just bought things in the beginning. I think it took me a few months more before I actually finished a project! :P But I have never looked back since! :D