Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hi! I'm Simone

Hi Everybody!
I am so excited to be the Guest Designer for May!
I live in Chicago, the land of crazy weather, one day it's 75 here the next day it is snowing. I work full-time as an office slave and babysit part-time, so I am always busy. I have a huge family, a kid and a man who allow me to fire away with my camera as much as I want, so that there is always something to scrap. I love making almost everything, but seem to be best at making a mess.
I would say I am a pretty clean scrapper as far as style goes and probably because I hate most messy materials such as glitter and paint.
I blab a ton over at my blog, Daily Dose of Spazz and also run the ScrapYourCRAP blog with my buddy, Greta. I am known as spazzgirl on all the messageboards, communities, facebook, etc...so if you want to "find" me and be friends, that's my name!
A huge thanks to my buddy Noel, who is taking a huge chance on me this month, I am honored to be chosen.


noelmignon said...

YAY!!! Welcome Simone! So glad to have you on board for May. :)

Greta Adams said...

girlt hat picture of you is smoking hot!!!

Traci Keriazakos said...

Congrats Simone!

I agree, you look awesome in that picture!!!